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Outdoor umbrellas, sunshades and parasols bring shade and coolness to any outdoor venue. MDT-tex has taken the idea of the high-end patio umbrella to a new level. The company is known for its expertise in integrating the outdoor space with the built environment. We provide cohesive textile architecture that complements the unique features and environment of a site. Whether you are installing a rooftop restaurant, hosting a craft fair, augmenting outdoor space around a cultural center or need attractive shading for a residential garden, MDT-tex has a solution. We offer a range of attractive, luxury outdoor umbrellas that withstand wind, rain and sunlight, holding up season after season.

We offer both standard designs and custom-made canopies and support structures that add to the aesthetics of outdoor settings and events. Styles include our innovative, graceful tulip umbrella, several iterations of our exclusive cantilever umbrella and a range of telescopic umbrellas, all made of lightweight, attractive, durable materials. We work with architects, designers, corporate managers and private individuals to provide textile architecture that defines a space, saves energy and complements each site's unique cultural and environmental context.

High-End Outdoor Umbrellas From the Shading Specialists

MDT-tex has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality sunshades. We are a family-owned business, striving to provide one-on-one customer support for a wide range of outdoor parasols. Our primary manufacturing center, measuring 10,500 m², is based in Hardheim, Germany. The 30-meter-high ceiling and two 25-ton cranes allow us to manufacture made-to-order outdoor umbrellas for architects, project managers, engineers and event planners that meet strict design and engineering requirements. We also operate in six other countries, including our United States center in Tyrone, Georgia.

In our decades of operation and experience, we stand out as industry leaders in textile architecture throughout the world, developing unique materials and refining designs that require precise engineering and demonstrate technological innovation. Our clients span the continents. We have undertaken projects in Africa, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. We consult with each client to ensure that the colors, materials and design of our umbrellas harmonize with the project. Each consultation starts with ideas and prototypes, moving to scaled designs, selection of materials and manufacturing. Our expert team then delivers and installs the finished products.

Our engineers and designers have created a unique, precise printing technique that accommodates large-width lettering. The technique displays printed material that is visible on both sides of umbrella canopies. The result is high-visibility logos, company insignia and lettering that emphasize brands, sponsors or project site designations.

We work with a range of professionals, including architects, lighting specialists, designers and engineers. If your client needs an outdoor umbrella with lights, our luxury patio umbrellas can be fitted with lighting. If you need a custom color for a made-to-order outdoor patio umbrella, we can produce it. Our talented designers work with each client to harmonize the color, texture and scale of our luxury outdoor umbrellas to support and enhance the aesthetics of your project.

Our canopies are made from innovative materials available in several standard colors, including white, ash, green, red and black. Colors may vary somewhat according to the type of umbrella. However, we can create custom colors for an additional charge.

Over the years, we have developed fabrics for our canopies that include a Teflon-like finish. We use coatings made of polytetrafluoroethylene, abbreviated PTFE. This high-tech, smart membrane allows air to pass through, which increases breathability and enhances air exchange. It is waterproof, keeping out rain and moisture. It resists high winds and high heat, important safety features. In addition, our fabrics are colorfast and UV-resistant. These canopy membranes are self-cleaning, making them easy to care for. Our materials are tear- and bend-resistant, and the Teflon coating protects them from the elements, which helps them last for years. If you would like to change the canopy colors periodically, we supply replacement umbrella covers as part of our services.

Other replacement parts and accessories include parasol protection sleeves that keep canopies clean and safe when retracted or during off-seasons when they are not being used. We also provide a selection of anchorings in several designs made of high-quality galvanized steel. These can be set into MDT-tex concrete and steel plate stands and ground sockets for a complete, sturdy support assemblage.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is built into our designs. One of our environmentally friendly accessories is the rain gutter membrane that can be attached to each parasol. This membrane catches rainwater and routes it to a collection tank or the ground. It saves water and keeps guests dry from drips and water running off the sides of the umbrella.

Accentuate Outdoor Space With Illuminated Cantilever Umbrella Designs From MDT-tex: Choose From Many Patio Umbrellas With Lights

Many venues are open after dark, requiring lighting that complements the architecture, landscape and cultural and social atmosphere of the site. Outdoor lighting expands the boundaries, drawing guests and patrons into the nighttime ambience. Fitting your venue with patio umbrellas provides a sense of enclosed space while enjoying the expansiveness of the outdoors. You can select a size that creates the sense of space appropriate for your purpose, such as a cantilever umbrella comfortable for a small group in a bistro or a larger canopy that encourages interaction during a party.

If you need an outdoor umbrella with lights, MDT-tex has developed a line of cantilever parasols that can be customized with lights to suit the specifics of the event and site. Our designs include a cantilever umbrella with lights. We can also customize illuminated cantilever umbrella designs that complement existing lighting sources at a project site.

The distinctive appearance of cantilever umbrellas is due to the position of the pole. Instead of a central mast, the umbrella is designed with a sidearm pole that maximizes space under the canopy. The struts that support the canopy can be fitted with energy-efficient, solar-powered LED lights. Our LED cantilever umbrella comes in several standard sizes suitable for outdoor use, including upscale outdoor dining, shelter in public gardens and parks or as a charming outdoor patio umbrella in homes or offices.

To enhance the aesthetics, a cable runs through the mast to the struts of the canopy. This concealed wiring can support both lighting and audio speakers. Each canopy can be connected to an area-wide audio system to create an intimate setting for music or oral presentations. MDT-tex umbrellas can also be fitted with heating, allowing guests to enjoy relaxing on terraces, in gardens or other outdoor settings even during cool weather or after the sun goes down.

The MDT-tex Design Cantilever Umbrella: The Best Decision for a Sophisticated Outdoor Space

If you need a special size, material or unique configuration, the experts at MDT-tex work with architects and project developers all over the world to provide custom-made, luxury patio umbrellas. Our customized services design cantilever umbrella canopies and accessories that will enhance your project. We tailor projects to integrate the scale of the umbrellas with your site. Custom membrane colors, a selection of mast materials and environmentally friendly accessories ensure that the parasols installed on your site will enchant your guests and augment the atmosphere of your venue. Our unique LED cantilever umbrella transforms darkness into an enchanting atmosphere with solar-powered lights.

Our cantilever umbrellas offer versatility, space and an attractive appearance. The side-arm mast allows more space under the canopy. Operation is simple, with a crank handle in the mast that opens and closes the canopy. Mast materials include wood, aluminum and powder-coated steel. Several standard canopy sizes range from 10 feet to 16 feet. However, we can custom-make a cantilever umbrella sized to your specifications.

The tilt of the canopy is adjustable, allowing the angle to be changed for maximum shade and comfort as the direction and intensity of sunlight shift throughout the day. Our smart membranes offer exceptional UV protection, and the coatings protect the material from dust and moisture. An air vent in the canopy reduces wind pressure, which keeps the umbrella from collapsing or inverting during high winds. It also facilitates airflow, helping to keep temperatures low under the canopy for comfort.

The modern design is perfect for both commercial and residential settings, adding a sense of sophistication and beauty to your terrace, garden or commercial establishment. Whether you require a single cantilever umbrella with lights or an exclusive cantilever umbrella design, we will work with you to ensure that the shape, size, color and materials meet your specific requirements. Canopies can be printed with your logo or company name to personalize the venue.

Whether you are creating a small residential garden or an outdoor mezzanine for a corporation, we offer an array of outdoor umbrellas for architects and other design professionals to incorporate into a landscape. Our designs complement both the built and natural environment. Browse our catalog to visualize the options available to customize any high-end patio umbrella we manufacture, including our distinctive tulip designs, unique cantilevers and classic telescopic sunshades. Please feel free to call to speak to one of our experienced professionals about your project.