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Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
From $3,800.00
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
From $5,618.38

10ft Cantilever Umbrellas

10-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

Patio cantilever umbrellas are attractive and functional, transforming unused outdoor spaces into desirable, comfortable retreats. Use 10-foot cantilever umbrellas at home to create a shady spot for rest, entertainment and socializing during warm, sunny days. High-quality canopies that repel moisture create a cozy space to enjoy the outdoors on a rainy day. In commercial settings, cantilever parasols with 10-foot diameters are ideal for outdoor dining, employee rest areas, picnic shelters, kiosks for fairs and exhibitions or as covered walkways.

Instead of a central pole, the support arm on patio cantilever umbrellas is on the side, which gives more space under the canopy. MDT-tex designs and manufactures cantilever umbrellas in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. We designed our cantilever parasols with a two-part frame that rotates 360 degrees for ease of movement, provides superior support and presents a well-balanced, proportional look. Our 10-foot cantilever umbrellas are one of our most popular products, available in octagonal, square and rectangular shapes suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

High-Quality Features for Cantilever Umbrellas

All our outdoor umbrellas are made of durable, high-quality and rustproof materials. The three main parts, canopy, frame and base, are designed for ease of use, strength and an attractive look. We offer two styles of 10- by 10-foot cantilever umbrellas.

Type SAH is part of our Home Collection that features lightweight, simplified versions of our classic commercial umbrellas without sacrificing strength, conveniences and looks. We have refined the design so that the umbrellas weigh less and are easier to install. Type SAH cantilever umbrellas are square, measuring 10 feet by 10 feet, suitable for residential use and light commercial applications.

Add customized features to make your patio cantilever umbrella unique. Energy-efficient, solar LED lighting gently illuminates the area under the canopy. Select a vibrant color for the canopy to add a pop of color to your landscape. Standard frame colors are white or anthracite, adding style and sophistication to the look.

Type SA is our classic industrial cantilever parasol. Make yours unique by selecting from a choice of canopy membrane fabrics, frame colors, shapes and sizes. The two smallest are our 10- by 10-foot square cantilever umbrellas and 10- by 13-foot rectangular cantilever umbrellas. More accessories and customized options are available with our classic cantilever parasols, including solar-powered LED lights, rain harvesting systems, heaters and speakers.

Long-Lasting, Colorfast Canopies

Our canopy membranes are aesthetically pleasing, strong and flexible. We have partnered with BASF to design and manufacture superior canopy membranes that hold up season after season. These smart textiles are moisture-repellent, tear-resistant, dirt-resistant and offer exceptional UV protection. Colors are interwoven into the yarns as they are spun, resulting in colorfast fabrics that are also mold-resistant and self-cleaning. Coatings are diffused into the yarns as the fabrics are made, ensuring even, balanced applications that wear well. Coatings may include fire retardance, enhanced translucency, self-cleaning properties and the ability to withstand wind and frequent movement.

Type SAH 10- by 10-foot square cantilever umbrellas come with a 100% acrylic membrane available in 10 stunning colors. The canopy is made of individual segments for ease of installation. For Type SA 10- by 10-foot rectangular cantilever umbrellas, choose from either 100% polyester or acrylic. Polyester membrane MDT- tex® -FR 260 is available in 11 standard colors. Our 100% polyester, all-weather membrane, MDT-tex 480, comes in white. Special colors are available on request.

Heavy-Duty Bases and Anchoring

The base and anchoring provide support for the entire structure. Bases must ensure stability, wind resistance and the ability to bear the weight of all components. Several bases and anchoring systems are available, including permanent installations set in concrete foundations and movable bases suitable for all our cantilever parasols with 10-foot diameters. Our staff can help you select a base and anchor suitable for the environmental conditions of your area.

Durable, Strong and Attractive Frames

Our cantilever umbrellas combine advanced technical expertise with refined aesthetics. We build durability and strength into all our umbrellas, and our 10-foot octagonal cantilever umbrellas are no exception. The oval-shaped aluminum mast measures 5.5 by 3.9 inches in diameter, a robust size that enhances stability and withstands winds up to 25 miles per hour. The generous size of the mast is spacious enough to house electrical cables for customizable accessories. The tension mechanism that raises and lowers the internal telescope is completely sealed from the elements, making it maintenance-free. An anodized aluminum hand crank is standard. You can also opt for a push-button electronic system for ease of use.

Struts, hubs and spokes for all our 10- by 10-foot square cantilever umbrellas are made of independent sections of rectangular aluminum. Spokes for Type SAH measure 1.2 inches by 0.8 inch with a thickness of 0.08 inch. The struts for Type SA come in two sizes. They are more robust because they support more weight and larger frames: 1.6 inches by 0.8 inch and 0.08 thick and 2 inches by 0.8 inch and 0.1 inch thick. End plates, end caps and other parts are made of high-quality aluminum or steel. Individual parts are screwed together with rustproof screws and secured by sterling steel hooks.

The canopies have a 30-degree tilt that ensures shade as the sun moves throughout the day. Each umbrella is crafted with attention to safety, appearance, ease of use and longevity. Install residential 10- by 10-foot square cantilever umbrellas on a terrace, patio, poolside or in the garden for daytime shade and comfort.

Aesthetics and Design

MDT-tex is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor umbrellas. Our name, Membrane-Design and Technique, clearly defines the detailed attention that we give to all our products. With more than 30 years in the business, we have developed materials that enhance durability, comfort, safety and aesthetics. Our outdoor patio parasols have won awards for precise engineering standards and innovative designs. Many customized features developed over the years for architects, designers and other clients are now standard in our products. Whether you are looking for 10-foot octagonal cantilever umbrellas, parasols that function in high winds or a market-style sunshade, we design and manufacture high-quality outdoor umbrellas that are used worldwide in a variety of environmental conditions.

For more information about our 10- by 10-foot rectangular cantilever umbrellas, please call our staff or browse our website. We work closely with clients who require special materials, measurements or designs, turning ideas into innovative, attractive products.