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Umbrella Ø10ft type S16 Umbrella Ø10ft type S16
Umbrella Ø10ft type S16
From $1,831.59
Umbrella 10x10ft type S16 Umbrella 10x10ft type S16
Umbrella 10x10ft type S16
From $2,156.00
Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
From $3,800.00
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
From $5,618.38
Tulip umbrella type E 10x10 ft, square Tulip umbrella type E 10x10 ft, square
Tulip umbrella type E 10x10 ft, square
Price on request

10ft commercial patio umbrellas

10-Foot Deck Umbrellas

Outdoor parasols create a welcoming spot for relaxing, entertaining, outdoor dining and socializing. Sunshades add an attractive feature to an office landscape, providing shelter for customers and employees to rest and enjoy the outdoors. They are perfect for outdoor dining, augmenting space on decks, rooftops or sidewalk cafes. Use them for seasonal park shelters and picnic areas, as kiosks or in temporary settings for outdoor fairs and events.

Umbrellas in the 8-foot to 13-foot range complement smaller-scale venues. MDT-tex offers several styles of 10-foot commercial umbrellas suitable for offices, cafes, parks and outdoor events. A 10-foot restaurant umbrella is ideal for outdoor dining, defining an outdoor seating arrangement and creating an intimate setting for guests to enjoy an alfresco meal. Our commercial, industrial-grade sunshades feature robust fittings and a wide choice of accessories.

If you prefer a lightweight deck umbrella, our Home Collection includes market-style and cantilever 10-foot sunshades. The Type SAH cantilever umbrella offers a strong yet lightweight frame with a square canopy and a simplified tension system. Our award-winning, artistically designed 10-foot deck umbrellas add beauty and charm to your landscape. Both the commercial-grade and lightweight versions are built to state-of-the-art engineering standards for durability and strength.

Stylish and Durable 10-Foot Commercial Umbrellas

Our sturdy, attractive deck umbrellas are used throughout the world. We manufacture each 10-foot professional umbrella to precise engineering and design standards to perform in many environmental conditions. They are wind-resistant and self-cleaning, repel water, offer exceptional UV protection and perform after thousands of unfoldings and foldings. Choose from classic telescopic umbrellas, the elegant sidearm format or our unique tulip design. Each style comes in several shapes, including round, octagonal, square and rectangular.

We offer several standard features for all our parasols. The mechanism to raise and lower the canopy is operated by a removable hand-crank instead of cumbersome pulleys and strings. The maintenance-free gearbox is enclosed in the mast, which keeps it free from dust and moisture. All parts of the frame, including mast, telescope, crank mechanism and struts, are made of high-grade, anodized aluminum with robust dimensions. These features provide exceptional strength and resistance to weathering. Moving parts are made of stainless steel.

In addition, you can select optional accessories to enhance the appearance, performance and ease of use of our sunshades. Accessories include:

    • Solar-powered LED lighting in cool white or warm white.
    • Choice of acrylic or polyester canopy fabrics.
    • Wide range of vibrant canopy colors.
    • Motorized gears to operate the telescopic mechanism that raises the canopy.
    • Heating systems.
    • Sound systems.
    • Concealed wiring to enhance aesthetics.
    • Upgraded wind resistance up to 80 miles per hour.
    • Canopy covers.
    • Choice of portable and permanent anchoring systems.
    • Large-format printing to display photos, logos or other graphics on the canopy membrane.

If you want to further customize a 10-foot professional umbrella, feel free to talk to our staff. We can help you select features that will enhance your brand and optimize performance.

Award-Winning, Telescoping 10-Foot Restaurant Umbrella

Our central pole telescoping parasol, Type S16, won the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Award in 2018 for its innovative features, functionality and attractive presentation. This 10-foot deck umbrella functions beautifully in commercial applications, enriching the setting for outdoor dining, office patios, gardens, parks or anywhere you want a cool, shaded and intimate space. Choose from permanently anchored bases or portable units that let you place this perfectly balanced, lightweight parasol where you want it. This umbrella is highly customizable, allowing you to select and combine colors for the mast, end pieces, canopy and strut connectors.

Our more than 20 years of manufacturing high-quality parasols show in the captivating designs, long-lasting materials and highly functional attributes that define our products. Our facility in Tyrone, Georgia, serves communities throughout the U.S. For more information about our outdoor umbrellas, contact us through our website, email or phone.