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Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square
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13-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

Enjoy the beauty of summer in your backyard, patio or beside the pool in shaded comfort with a cantilever umbrella. Cantilever umbrellas with a 13-foot diameter are a perfect size for outdoor lounging, dining and relaxing. They are also a popular size for commercial uses, fitting compactly into small spaces, such as sidewalk bistros, decks for outdoor restaurant dining, marketplaces, kiosks and rest areas in business complexes and malls.

Cantilever umbrellas are a popular choice for areas of limited space because the support arm is on the side instead of in the middle. Changing the pole from the center to the side increases the usable space under the canopy. Our 13-foot cantilever umbrellas shade an area that can accommodate a large table and approximately eight chairs, perfect for group dining, relaxing and outdoor rest areas.

MDT-tex manufactures superior quality, long-lasting outdoor parasols, including cantilever umbrellas, market-style parasols and our innovative tulip sunshade. These attractive umbrellas come in standard diameters of 10 feet, 13 feet and 16 feet and rectangular, square, octagonal and round shapes. We also work closely with clients who require customized sizes, features, materials and designs for outdoor umbrellas in a variety of applications.

Features of 13-by-13-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

Our premium 13-foot cantilever umbrellas are versatile and highly functional. They rotate 360 degrees, allowing the base to be placed in a convenient location and the canopy rotated to a position of choice. In addition, the canopy tilts 30 degrees, providing optimum shade throughout the day.

Stability is an important feature for all outdoor parasols. We offer several in-ground anchoring systems for all our cantilever umbrellas, including the 13-foot commercial cantilever umbrella. These anchors are designed to bear up to 440 pounds, support the frame and withstand winds up to 25 miles per hour. The frame includes an oval, powder-coated aluminum mast measuring 5.5 inches by 3.9 inches in diameter. This generous width houses the three-part aluminum telescoping pole. The mast also accommodates the gearbox that raises and lowers the canopy. Optional electrical wiring also fits compactly into the mast.

The mechanics that raise and lower the canopy are operated by a hand crank. The maintenance-free gearbox is completely enclosed within the mast, which protects it from dust, moisture and other pollutants. We also offer an optional electronic system that raises and lowers the canopy, a popular choice for large umbrellas.

Our standard cantilever parasols are square. However, many clients prefer other shapes, such as 13-foot octagonal cantilever umbrellas. We work closely with clients who required customized designs. We begin by discussing the conceptual inspiration. We then suggest materials and designs that meet your specific needs. Each umbrella is precisely engineered, resulting in attractive, functional and long-lasting outdoor parasols for your home or business.

You can personalize a 13-foot commercial cantilever umbrella with accessories. Use solar-powered LED lights to enhance nighttime events or illuminate the space under the canopy on a dark, rainy day. Choose canopy colors that complement your venue, colors in your logo, colors of patio furnishings or the theme of your landscape. Other accessories include sound systems, heaters and rain harvesting systems.

Standard frame colors are white and anthracite with custom colors available on request. The range of standard membrane colors, from neutrals, black and tan to gem-like reds, greens and blues, work with most decorative color palettes. However, we can also produce custom colors based on the RAL color scheme to match the design scheme of your venue.

Smart Canopy Membranes for Comfort and Durability

During our 30 years of manufacturing high-quality outdoor parasols, we have developed superior canopy fabrics and coatings in cooperation with BASF. We manufacture our own fabrics, ensuring quality and consistency. You can choose from three smart membranes for our 13-by-13-foot cantilever umbrellas. Each comes in a range of attractive colors that add to the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

All our membranes provide superior UV protection and are moisture-proof, resistant to mold and self-cleaning. They are breathable, tear-resistant and durable. Each type of membrane is manufactured with specific features that provide additional protection in several ways. Our all-rounder polyester fabric is fire-resistant and tolerates high temperatures. Our acrylic membranes display vibrant colors and withstand thousands of foldings and unfoldings. In addition, we have developed printing techniques that showcase logos, photographs, graphic designs and large-width lettering. The transparency of the membranes displays graphics clearly on both the upper surface and underside of the canopy, an important advertising feature for businesses and events.

Each type of coating is designed with specific technical performance goals. If you require high UV protection, exceptional moisture resistance or a high degree of oscillation, our coatings can produce these results. Each coating is balanced for long-term performance, resistance to tearing, resilient color and resistance to fading. Several are designed to withstand frequent folding. Others are designed for use on permanent installations with minimal openings and closings.

Replacement membranes come in an assortment of colors and are easy to install. Each segment attaches to spokes with aluminum screws and steel end pieces, creating a tight fit that is attractive, strong and wind-resistant. We also make canopy covers that protect the membrane when it is collapsed and not in use.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Well-Balanced Cantilever Umbrellas With a 13-Foot Diameter

Technical specifications are important when selecting a premium 13-foot cantilever umbrella. However, the aesthetics of outdoor parasols are also important. Each umbrella should blend into the landscape and complement your property. Our umbrellas have been installed all over the world in a wide range of environments, tailored for both superior aesthetics and technical performance. Our exclusive tulip designs are found in the desert of Saudi Arabia, urban landscapes and mountainous areas with high winds. Our 13-foot octagonal cantilever umbrellas are found in settings ranging from exclusive European resorts to artisan kiosks at local fairs.

Part of what makes our outdoor sunshades appealing is the attention to proportion and scale. The engineering and aesthetics built into our 13-foot cantilever umbrellas balance functionality and appearance. The robust dimensions of the mast complement the configuration and proportions of the canopy structure, supports and membrane. The overall appearance suggests strength, quality and balanced proportions.

The size, shape and color of outdoor umbrellas that you place in your garden, office or event should reflect the design and scale of the landscape. A small umbrella works well for shading a small table and chair. Larger sizes should be proportional to the dimensions of the site. A giant umbrella will overwhelm a small space. In contrast, a tiny umbrella may look out of place in an expansive landscape. For large areas, join canopies together to create an aisle, walkway or colonnade to make a visual and functional statement. We can help you select an appropriate size and choose accessories that create an appealing aesthetic for your property.

MDT-tex works with architects, designers, corporate heads and event planners to customize our outdoor parasols to suit your technical and aesthetic requirements. Our facility in Tyrone, Georgia, supplies our products to customers throughout the U.S. We also operate in several other countries, including Britain, Switzerland and our headquarters in Germany. Feel free to contact us for more information about our cantilever umbrellas measuring 10 feet, 13 feet and larger.