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Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square
Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square
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16ft Cantilever Umbrellas

16-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

Outdoor parasols add beauty and style to a garden, event, corporate setting or any outdoor venue. Patio umbrellas increase usable outdoor space, add charm to your garden and create a cozy, shaded nook to enjoy nature and find shelter in the natural environment. Cantilever umbrellas are more spacious than other styles because the telescoping pole that supports the canopy is on the side instead of the middle. This creates a large, shaded area under an expansive canopy.

MDT-tex's 16-foot cantilever umbrellas are durable, sturdy, weather-resistant and attractive. They are designed with features that integrate them into the environment, complementing and enhancing the natural and built elements that define your home or business. Use them around your pool, in your garden or on a patio for outdoor dining and entertainment in your home. They are popular in commercial settings for restaurants, sidewalk cafes, special events and employee rest areas both indoors and out. In fact, their uses are endless.

Features of 16-by-16-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

Our large cantilever umbrellas measure 16.5 by 16.5 feet. The precisely engineered features built into each of our umbrellas far exceed those of other manufacturers in strength, durability and appearance. Our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is seen in both the standard and optional features developed during our 30 years of business.

Standard features of all our commercial cantilever umbrellas include:

  • • Weatherproof canopy fabrics that are water-repellent, UV-resistant and colorfast.
  • • Structural components that withstand winds up to 25 miles per hour with suitable anchoring.
  • • Choice of heavy-duty, galvanized inground anchors for maximum stability.
  • • Tilt function that protects against the sun's heat and strong light throughout the day.
  • • 360-degree rotation to position the canopy to suit the space.
  • • Mast made of high-quality aluminum, designed and manufactured for strength and aesthetics.
  • • Sturdy oval mast measuring 5.5 by 3.9 inches includes space for telescope, electrical cables and mechanical components that raise and lower the canopy.
  • • Powder-coated aluminum hand crank to open and close the canopy.
  • • Choice of canopy fabrics and coatings.
  • • Assortment of canopy colors.
  • • Air vents that circulate air under the canopy and stabilize the umbrella during windy weather.

The other structural components, including struts, end pieces, bottom plates and crown plates are made with powder-coated aluminum. Screws and moveable parts are steel. The mast can bear weight up to approximately 440 pounds. The canopy is made of separate panels that are individually attached to struts, ensuring strength and a smooth, compact fit that enhances the look of the umbrella. The mechanical gearbox that raises and lowers the canopy is encased in the mast, protecting the components from dust and moisture. It is virtually maintenance-free.

In addition to these robust standard components, we offer accessories and customizable features that let our clients make each umbrella unique. The frame comes in a standard color of white based on the RAL color chart. Other RAL colors are available on request. You can match the color of the frame and umbrella canopy to the décor of your office, home or event. Join several umbrellas together to form a walkway, colonnade or aisle on a patio, terrace or sidewalk to create a stunning display of color and form in your landscape.

Our designers work with architects, engineers and design professionals to create a strong, proportionally balanced and attractive umbrella that achieves the precise look that you want. For large parasols such as cantilever umbrellas with 16-foot diameters, we offer several anchoring options that ensure stability in all types of weather.

Other options include solar-powered LED lights that let guests continue activities into the night. Our rain harvesting system channels rainwater onto the ground or into a cistern. Install speakers that can be used as a PA or audio system for concerts, lectures and other events. We have also developed a misting system that adds humidity under the canopy for dry climates. For nights or cold weather, heaters add warmth to the space under the canopy. Many clients opt to install the motorized system that raises and lowers the canopy for ease of operation on giant cantilever umbrellas.

We can customize our 16-foot commercial cantilever umbrellas to meet your specific design needs. You can custom-order 16-foot octagonal cantilever umbrellas or other sizes of large cantilever umbrellas made to your specifications.

Patented Canopy Membranes for Superior, Long-Lasting Performance

Our patented canopy membranes are used on all our umbrella styles, including custom-designed 16-foot octagonal cantilever umbrellas, our exclusive tulip umbrellas and our award-winning market-style parasols. These membranes are also used by other manufacturers throughout the industry because of their resilience, durability and looks. They offer superior performance in tough environmental conditions.

Pigments are incorporated into the fibers as the fabric is made. The result is vibrant colors, high UV resistance and resistance to water, mold and dirt. The appealing colors and clean lines add to the overall aesthetics of our 16-by-16-foot cantilever umbrellas. These smart membranes are self-cleaning, tear-resistant and withstand high heat. Special coatings include fire-retardant properties and superior breathability.

For our cantilever umbrellas with 16-foot diameters, choose from MDT-tex® 300 acrylic and two polyester materials, MDT-tex® 260 FR or MDT-tex® 480. These fabrics provide long-term durability in a wide variety of conditions. The method of infusion of dyes into the yarns during manufacture of the MDT-tex® 300 membrane creates vibrant, long-lasting colors. This fabric is resilient, able to withstand thousands of foldings and unfoldings.

Our polyester membranes are popular choices for 16-foot commercial cantilever umbrellas because the yarns are lighter in weight and more resistant to tears than acrylic. We call the MDT-tex® 260 FR membrane the all-rounder because the polyurethane coatings interwoven into the yarns yield superior performance in a variety of conditions. This smart membrane has high UV resistance, is fire-retardant and achieves good breathability, which adds comfort under the canopy.

The MDT-tex® 480 membrane is an excellent choice for giant cantilever umbrellas that are left open year-round. The PVC coating forms an attractive, smooth, weather-resistant surface that enhances the membrane colors. This coating is less suitable for frequent openings and closings. Because of its high translucency, printing is visible on both sides of the canopy.

Sophisticated, Innovative and Easy to Order

MDT-Tex designs, manufactures and supplies sophisticated, attractive outdoor parasols for clients located all over the world. We ship to locations throughout the United States from our facility in Tyrone, Georgia. Our staff can help you customize features and select accessories for 16-foot cantilever umbrellas that will suit your specific needs. Contact us today for more information or to place your order.