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Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T
From $6,548.00
Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T
From $8,367.00
Tulip umbrella type E 19,5x19,5 ft Tulip umbrella type E 19,5x19,5 ft
Tulip umbrella type E 19,5x19,5 ft
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20ft commercial patio umbrellas

20-Foot Terrace Umbrellas

Large patio umbrellas create a spectacular outdoor experience for guests, employees, family and clients. MDT-tex has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, attractive outdoor parasols. Our innovative designs and precise engineering standards bring artistically crafted, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting products to clients throughout the world.

Our extra-large umbrellas range in size from a standard 20-feet cantilever umbrella to custom-made umbrellas with spans of your choice. Clients use these parasols in homes, schools, restaurants, outdoor entertainment venues, historic sites, playgrounds, market squares and cultural events.

Creating a well-balanced, elegant 20-foot patio umbrella requires technical expertise, manufacturing experience and the desire to create a highly functional, strong umbrella. Our name, Membran-Design-Technik, states our purpose and goal—to create a sophisticated, high-quality outdoor umbrella that allows guests to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and safety.

We manufacture three 20-feet giant umbrella designs: cantilever parasols with the support pole on the side, classic market umbrellas with a central telescopic pole and our graceful tulip umbrellas featuring an inverted profile that resembles a tulip flower.

Choose a standard 20-feet giant umbrella or a bigger size to fit your space. Our large parasols range from 16.5 feet by 16.5 feet to spans as large as 50 feet. If you require an extra-large outdoor umbrella, our staff will work with you to design a parasol that meets your specifications. You can create a unique look that enhances brand recognition by selecting components from our existing designs, canopy fabrics, colors and bases. We can also start from scratch to create a unique giant parasol that defines your style.

Choose from square, round, rectangular and octagonal shapes in a range of standard sizes. We build in extra strength in each 20-foot giant umbrella to enhance safety and perform in all types of weather. If you need larger sizes, we have the facilities and technical expertise to make what you need.

Expand Your Service Area With 20-Foot Heavy-Duty Umbrella Designs

Our commercial-grade, large umbrellas are designed to withstand rain, UV light, wind, dust and repeated use. We build in comfort and beauty using superior materials in each 20-foot heavy-duty umbrella, ensuring durability and strength that last for years. Whether you choose a standard 20-foot giant cantilever umbrella or a custom-made, storm-safe tulip design, our umbrellas add value to your enterprise.

There are several benefits to installing a 20-foot patio umbrella. Outdoor umbrellas provide an inexpensive yet attractive way to expand your service area. Install them on decks and patios to add seating areas to bars, cafes and other businesses in the hospitality industry. They enhance a landscape, providing shelter and shade for office complexes, schools and parks.

Our 20-feet cantilever umbrella maximizes space under the canopy because the support pole is on the side. Our large cantilever umbrellas come in square, rectangular and round shapes. If you require a large protected space, consider that an umbrella with sides of 20 feet offers approximately 400 square feet of covered area.

Add brand recognition by customizing a 20-foot giant umbrella with a canopy color that complements the design palette of your establishment. Enhance your brand with large-format printing on the membrane. Our designers developed a printing technique that displays photos, logos, designs and lettering. Several canopy fabrics are highly transparent, enabling the design to be visible on both sides.

Superior Performance and Aesthetics in Giant Umbrellas Made by the Experts

Our large-sized umbrellas are perfectly balanced and proportioned for performance and appearance. To ensure strength and durability, we use heavy-duty aluminum of robust proportions for the telescope, struts and mast. All components are rustproof.

Our patented membranes repel moisture and are UV-resistant. Choose from polyester and acrylic fabrics with special coatings that enhance breathability, are fire-retardant and withstand thousands of cycles of opening and closing. Dyes infused into the yarns as they are spun achieve a high degree of fade-resistance. Standard canopy colors include black, white, reds, greens, blues, tans and grey. We provide custom colors on request.

For more information about the features of our 20-foot giant cantilever umbrella, central pole umbrella and tulip parasol designs, contact MDT-tex today.