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Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
From $3,800.00
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
From $5,618.38
Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square
From $8,157.38
Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square
Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square
From $9,163.00

Commercial cantilever umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas

Our main production facility is in Hardheim, Germany. Our facilities in six other countries include a United States production and distribution center in Tyrone, Georgia.

The several models and sizes of our standard outdoor umbrellas are suitable for family patios, residential gardens, corporate atria and commercial outdoor dining. Customers with specific design requirements can order customized products that we manufacture to cutting-edge specifications. One of our most versatile offerings is our exclusive cantilever umbrella.

Exclusive Cantilever Umbrellas

If space is an issue, cantilever garden parasols, also called side-arm parasols, maximize space under the canopy because the support pole is positioned on the side. They are suitable for residential and commercial purposes, including walkways, outdoor dining, secluded nooks or any location where shade from the sun is desired. We have developed smart membranes that offer superb protection from sunlight and are self-cleaning.

Our standard cantilever parasols are square, available in dimensions of 10, 13 and 16 feet. MDT-tex makes two lines of cantilever umbrellas. Type SAH 10ft cantilever parasols are from our Home Collection. We also make a classic line of 10-, 13- and 16ft cantilever parasols, designated as Type SA. Both series offer the same stylish, standard features that add charm, shade, moisture resistance and UV protection to any outdoor setting. The Type SA umbrella offers more accessories and material options.

If you would like a special size, shape or other customized details, we can produce those as well. Our talented design and engineering staff work closely with clients to ensure that made-to-order features meet specified criteria, including color and type of cover material and size. Customers can also select materials for support poles, struts and anchors. We can provide custom printing on many types of canopy membranes. If you have a design concept, our professional staff can help bring your ideas to reality.

Our garden cantilever parasols are constructed with the same durable, high-quality materials used for all our umbrellas. Materials for the masts include wood, galvanized steel and powder-coated aluminum. Anchoring options include in-ground or metal base frames. Canopy sections are joined by high-strength aluminum struts and secured by extruded aluminum hubs. All the hardware is corrosion-free. Stainless steel screws and aluminum bushings secure the material to the ends of the struts. In the unusual event that a part needs to be replaced, we sell replacements, which will keep your cantilever umbrella in good shape for years.

The mechanism to open and close the canopy is enclosed within the mast, which protects it from the elements and ensures long years of use. Unlike umbrellas made by other companies that open and close the canopy with cumbersome pulleys, ours uses a closed gearbox with an easy-to-operate hand crank that is maintenance-free.

An air vent at the top maximizes airflow. Air exchange reduces temperatures below the canopy, increasing comfort during hot weather. The air vent also helps stabilize the umbrella during windy weather. When installed and secured properly, our cantilever sunshades can withstand winds between 40 and 80 km per hour depending on the model and fittings you choose. They are flame-retardant, an important safety feature.

We also provide accessories that complement the elegant style of our premium cantilever parasols as well as enhance their stability. Browse our online catalog to view a range of poles, anchors, canopies and protection covers.

Smart Membranes for High End Cantilever Parasols

Customers appreciate the special textiles and coatings developed by MDT-tex that enhance the performance and durability of our sunshades. The canopies in both series of our exclusive cantilever parasols are made of high-quality, moisture-repellent and UV-retardant membranes. The range of standard colors lets customers select the shades that complement their décor and blend in with the outdoor environment.

Our materials and coatings are a collaborative effort by MDT-tex and BASF. Together, we created lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable smart membranes. We test the textiles to ensure that they hold up to repeated folding and unfolding, important for membrane longevity. The result is several patented fibers and coatings that are installed on all our umbrella canopies. They have become the standard for high-end parasols, used throughout the world by other manufacturers in the industry. Each of our textiles is water-resistant and tear-resistant.

Three materials are used for our cantilever garden parasols:

MDT-tex® 300 is the standard membrane for the SAH series and is one of three options for the SA series. MDT-tex® 300 is 100 % acrylic, a lightweight, UV-resistant textile. It is colorfast because the dyes are applied as the yarns are spun, a process that sets the colors into the fibers. The wide variety of colors are vibrant and stable. This material is coated with dirt and grime repellent, making it almost maintenance-free and easy to care for. The weaving process and coatings result in a membrane that adds function and aesthetics to your outdoor setting.

MDT-tex® 260 FR is a 100 % polyester fabric with coatings on two sides. Polyester is lighter in weight and more resistant to tears than acrylic. MDT-tex® 260 FR is versatile, with a low-density thermoplastic polyurethane coating that is infused into the fibers. The result is a durable, fire-retardant, colorfast and fade-resistant membrane. The material is breathable, allowing moisture to pass through, which increases comfort. It is translucent and suitable for all types of custom printing.

Our toughest fabric, MDT-tex® 480/680, is made of 100% polyester with PVC coatings embedded in the fibers during manufacture. The coating seals the surface, providing a high degree of weather resistance from sun, heat, UV light and moisture. The surface is shiny with a high-gloss appearance. The coating creates a stiffer fabric that reduces its flexibility and is not recommended if the umbrella will be collapsed often. Instead, it works well for applications where the umbrella will be left open. Suggested uses include outdoor dining, park shelters, walkways and corporate concourses for year-round protection from weather and sun.

Enhance Evening Experiences With MDT-tex's Unique Cantilever Parasol With Lights

As sunlight fades and day turns into night, our cantilever parasol with lights lets guests, family and friends continue outdoor activities. Solar-powered LED lights attach to the struts of the underside of the canopy, bringing sparkling light to the space below. The wiring is hidden in the mast, giving a sleek, clean look. During the day, our premium cantilever umbrellas collect energy from sunlight. At night, the energy-efficient lights add glowing beauty to your outdoor setting. LED lighting is an accessory that enhances the versatility and aesthetics of our exclusive cantilever parasols.

Garden Cantilever Parasols Sized Just Right for Your Site and Project

Accentuate the beauty of your garden, patio or pool area with a handsome cantilever parasol in a size that suits your needs. Select from our standard sizes that are suitable for homes, outdoor restaurant dining, parks and corporate landscapes. A tilt mechanism allows adjustment of the angle of the canopy to protect users from heat and light as the sun changes its position throughout the day.

Our 10ft cantilever parasols are popular for residential use, available in both the Home Collection and our classic line, Type SA. Both series shelter from UV light, the heat of the sun and rain. The side-arm design maximizes space under the canopy, just right for dining tables for small groups, a lounge chair or a cozy garden corner. Standard colors include white, beige, yellow, red, Bordeaux, blue, green, grey and black. We have designed lightweight fittings and mechanisms that complement the look and operation of the umbrella without sacrificing quality and durability.

Type SA cantilever garden parasols include both 13ft cantilever parasols and 16ft cantilever parasols that offer greater coverage. Other options include a choice of canopy materials and LED lighting. Parasol protection covers, in-ground anchors and pole materials can be customized. Replacement covers are available in a range of colors and are easy to install.

If you need a large-scale umbrella for an outdoor area or a large group, contact our staff to help you decide which of our premium cantilever umbrellas will best suit your needs. Often, 13ft cantilever parasols are convenient for residential and commercial applications. The width of the canopy does not overwhelm the space while allowing ample coverage below.

About MDT-tex: Innovation, Cutting-Edge Technology and Excellent Customer Service

Innovative adaptations of materials and designs have brought our outdoor umbrellas to the attention of homeowners, corporate heads, architects, designers and artists. We push the limits of innovation, creating membranes and structures that become part of the architectural framework of a project or site.

We work with renowned architects and designers all over the world, incorporating energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable and innovative features into our products. Our collaborative projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas are featured in prominent architectural, design and industry publications.

These innovations have led to the development of flexible textiles, energy-efficient features and sturdy structural components that are now part of our standard outdoor umbrellas. To find out more about our standard models of cantilever garden parasols, you can browse our online catalog for inspiration and call our staff for additional information.

If you would like made-to-order, high end cantilever parasols for your home, office or architectural project, our engineering and design staff can assist you. We ship our products worldwide.