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Parasol Accessories

Parasol accessories - 30 years of experience for you

We have been manufacturing parasols and parasol accessories in Germany for more than 30 years. This experience is reflected in the quality of our products. Innovations at the highest level are combined with in-house and innovative design. For example, our fabrics are colourfast, light, water and weather resistant. They are also resistant to environmental influences and tear and abrasion resistant. The textiles are not only produced in Germany, but have also been developed by us. Of course, not only the quality of the materials used is important, but also the technology of the parasol. The umbrellas are easy to use and the parasol accessories correspond to a very high standard.

Protection from too much sun

The summer months invite you to linger outside. A parasol is the ideal way to extend your time outdoors and protect yourself from too much sun. But the most beautiful parasols are useless if you do not have the appropriate parasol accessories. Our parasols and parasol accessories are perfectly matched to each other and form a successful symbiosis both visually and technically. The sunshade accessories are extremely versatile and are designed primarily according to your needs.

Extensive parasol accessories

As parasol accessories you will not only find the cover for your parasol or the stand, but we also have much more to offer. To the parasol accessories belong for example

- Anchoring sets in various designs,

- Concrete stands and ground sockets or

- Replacement fabrics.

The right parasol accessory for every parasol.

Which stand or anchoring set you use depends primarily on which parasol you have chosen. One of our main products is the traffic light umbrella. With this variant, the ground sleeve, which is firmly anchored in the ground, is becoming more and more popular at the moment. Its advantage is that it does not require any space on the terrace and holds the umbrella well even in light winds.

For the protection of our environment

Another interesting parasol accessory is the rain gutter membrane. Via the membrane, the rainwater can either be directly fed into the ground or into a collecting tank. So you have the possibility to water your flowers with the collected rainwater. This not only saves water, but also allows your guests a pleasant stay under the parasol if it rains once. In order to make your guests' stay as pleasant as possible, you have the option of integrating pipes in the mast in some screen variants. So you can install a light under the parasol or integrate cables to the loudspeaker without disturbing power cables. Your guests will certainly thank you with a longer stay.