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Parasol replacement covers

Umbrella Replacement Covers

Umbrella canopies contribute to the aesthetics of outdoor parasols. If your luxury sunshade is looking faded or worn, MDT-tex manufactures replacement umbrella covers made of patented, durable textiles that wear well. Our exclusive umbrella membranes repel water and are tear- and UV-resistant. We sell standard sizes that fit our exclusive umbrellas, including square umbrella covers measuring 8 feet by 8 feet, 10 feet by 10 feet, 13 feet by 13 feet, 16 feet by 16 feet and 20 feet by 20 feet. We also make round covers in the same sizes. Get superior umbrella protection with a tested outdoor umbrella fabric that lasts for years for cantilever, telescopic and tulip sunshades.

Umbrella Protection With Best-Quality Outdoor Umbrella Covers

Umbrella protection starts from the top. Canopies protect the sunshade's framework, preventing rust and minimizing wear. MDT-tex has partnered with BASF to develop and manufacture superior membranes used industry-wide. Choose an outdoor umbrella textile from our exclusive umbrella membranes that offer exceptional protection against wind, rain, sunlight and wear.

MDT-tex 260 FR is lightweight and fire-retardant. Special coatings embedded in this polyester outdoor umbrella fabric provide superior resistance to moisture, UV light, wind and dust. In addition, color is interwoven into the membrane, making this outdoor textile fade-resistant.

We call the MDT-tex 300 outdoor textile the brilliant one because its bright, attractive dyes give a jewel-like appearance to this versatile material. Made of acrylic, the MDT-tex 300 is popular for commercial and residential sunshades. It wears well with thousands of openings and closings, perfect for outdoor restaurants, poolside shade and home gardens.

MDT-tex 480/680 is a coated polyester textile that repels moisture, UV rays, dust and wind. Its special coatings make this outdoor umbrella textile suitable for permanent, year-round use.

Our range of canopy replacement covers includes sizes, shapes and membrane fabrics for all models of our exclusive umbrellas. Feel free to contact us for help in selecting a replacement cover for your sunshade. Our experienced staff can recommend a durable material and attractive color to suit your needs.