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Umbrella Ø10ft type S16 Umbrella Ø10ft type S16
Umbrella Ø10ft type S16
From $1,831.59
Umbrella 10x10ft type S16 Umbrella 10x10ft type S16
Umbrella 10x10ft type S16
From $2,156.00

Commercial umbrellas 10ft

Commercial umbrella 10ft - Quality from MDT-tex

Our company has been in existence for more than 30 years and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany. The parasols are designed, constructed and produced in our company. For this reason, we can guarantee that only high-quality materials are used for your 10ft market umbrella.  

Individuality for the commercial umbrella 10ftm

The commercial umbrella 3m is very popular in the commercial sector, but it is just as suitable for private use in the garden and on the terrace. Due to its construction it can withstand light to moderate winds and provides excellent protection from too much sun. On request we can also provide your market umbrella 3m with a special print. This can be an advertising message for your guests as well as your company logo or another imprint. In order to give your market umbrella 10ft even more individuality, it is also possible to provide the covering with a flounce.

High quality for demanding customers

Like all other parasols from our company, the market parasol 10ft is also equipped with innovative technology. Thanks to unique solutions, we are able to present you with sophisticated parasols that meet even the highest standards of design and quality.  

Fabrics at the highest level

The materials used to cover the parasols were developed and designed in our company. For the market umbrella 3m we use MDT-tex 260 and MDT-tex 300 in most cases. MDT-tex 260 is suitable for the commercial sector. If the market umbrella is covered 3m with MDT-tex 260, the material complies with the regulations of B1-DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701-Flat and Folded. The material is not only flame-retardant, but also UV-resistant, tear- and abrasion-resistant and resistant to most environmental influences. It is durable for a long time and retains a radiant colour for a long time due to its processing. MDT-tex 260 has a weight of 260 g per 1 m². Despite its low weight, it can withstand a water column of up to 700 mm. This keeps your goods dry even in light rain under a parasol.

The commercial umbrella 10ft for private use

Even if the name Market Umbrella suggests a professional use, the umbrella is also used in the private sector. With a size of 10ft it fits on most terraces and cuts a good figure everywhere. In contrast to the 10ft commercial market umbrella, MDT-tex 300 acrylic is mostly used in the private sector. This material is already dyed during spinning and is therefore particularly brilliant. A high protection against UV rays is already incorporated in the material. So you can stay outside longer and enjoy the sun with a good protection.