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Telescopic umbrella Ø13ft type T Telescopic umbrella Ø13ft type T
Telescopic umbrella Ø13ft type T
From $5,191.00
Telescopic umbrella 13x13 ft type T Telescopic umbrella 13x13 ft type T
Telescopic umbrella 13x13 ft type T
From $5,393.00

Commercial umbrellas 13ft

Commercial parasol 13ft - Quality from Germany

The company MDT-tex has existed for more than 30 years and produces exclusively in Germany. Sunshades, such as the commercial umbrella 13ft, are designed and manufactured by us. The commercial umbrella 13ft stands for our innovative products, which are durable and stable. The complete umbrella with its individual parts is produced in our factory. Thus we can guarantee you a constant high quality. This applies to the metal parts as well as to the textile covering. The textile covering was also developed and designed by us.  

The textile covering for the commercial umbrella 13ft  

For the commercial umbrella 13ft we use the all-rounder MDT-tex 260 and MDT-tex 300 acrylic. MDT-tex 300 Acryl are acrylic fibres that stand out due to their special luminosity. This luminosity results from a special processing process. The fibres are already coloured during spinning. Thus they are enclosed in the thread and can maintain their luminosity over many years. With this technique we achieve not only a high light fastness, but also a high protection against UV rays. The market umbrella 4m has a size, which is suitable also for the domestic garden or the terrace well. For the private use MDT-tex 300 acrylic is used above all.  

MDT-tex 260 Polyester for commercial use

The commercial umbrella with this covering is mainly used in the commercial sector due to the fact that the material complies with the regulations B1-DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701-Flat and Folded. MDT-Tex 260 weighs just 260 g/m2 and can still withstand a water column of over 700 mm. In addition, it is almost resistant to environmental influences and flame retardant. The polyester covering has a very special structure. This makes it so light and yet tear proof. Thanks to a special dyeing process developed by us, this material remains colourfast for many years.  

Accessories for your commercial umbrella 13ft

- Umbrella stand,  

- Ground anchors, 

- Cover hoods or

- Replacement fabrics. 

If you are not sure which spare parts or which accessories are suitable for your commercial umbrella 13ft, you are welcome to contact an employee by telephone.  

Modern design for your commercial umbrella 13ft

Just like all other parasols the market parasol 13ft can convince of course also by its modern design. It is available in different colours from light to dark. So you can be sure that you acquire a parasol which has not only technically much to offer, but also optically a special highlight is.