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Telescopic umbrella Ø16,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella Ø16,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella Ø16,5ft type T
From $6,069.00
Telescopic parasol 16x16ft type T Telescopic parasol 16x16ft type T
Telescopic parasol 16x16ft type T
From $6,887.00

Commercial umbrellas 16ft

Commercial patio umbrellas 16ft

The company was founded more than 30 years ago and we still design and produce high-quality and versatile parasols today. Not only national customers trust in our special industrial technology and craftsmanship, but also many customers from abroad. Our company stands for high-quality and innovative products with charisma and many technical attributes. These include, for example, durability and high wind stability. Of course, we do not neglect aesthetics and material beauty. 

The commercial umbrella 16ft for professional use

Of course, we also meet the high demands on our products with the commercial umbrella 16ft. The commercial umbrella 16ft is produced exclusively in Germany. Thus we can guarantee a constantly high quality for the Marktschirm 16ft. We guarantee you not only a high quality of the metal parts, but also for the textile covering. The materials for the covering were developed in our house and are constantly adapted in the Design to modern requirements.  

Materials at the highest level

This applies just as much to the metal parts as to the textile covering. For the market umbrella we use MDT-tex 260 polyester. Since the market umbrella is used 5m much in the commercial area, we use a material that meets the highest demands and regulations. MDT-tex 260 Polyester meets the requirements of B1 - DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 - Flat and Folded. This material weighs just 260 g per 1 m². Although it is lightweight, MDT-tex 260 Polyester can withstand a water column of up to 700 mm. But the material also has many other advantages. For example, it is largely resistant to environmental influences and very flame-retardant. The special structure also makes the material extremely tear-resistant. A special highlight is the colour. The special colouring process was also developed in our company and ensures that the colour retains its luminosity over many years.  

Purpose of use for the commercial umbrella 16ft

The market umbrella 16ft is due to its size excellent for the commercial sector. This umbrella not only protects your goods from the weather, but also offers you perfect protection from sunlight or light rain. With our market umbrella, you already draw attention to yourself and your offers from a distance, because we can provide it with an advertising or motif print that fits perfectly to your company.  

Accessories for the commercial umbrella 16ft

Of course we also have accessories for your market umbrella 16ft. If you want your parasol to stand at a fixed position, you can choose between different types of ground anchors. Other accessories are for example

- Umbrella stand,  
- Spare tensions or
- Cover hoods.  

The range of accessories is very extensive. In our online shop you have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office staff by telephone. They will certainly be able to help you.