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Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T
From $6,548.00
Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T
From $8,367.00

Commercial umbrellas 20ft

The commercial parasol 20ft - ideal for large performances

Not only restaurateurs have large areas that they want to protect with a parasol. The commercial umbrella 20ft is also the perfect choice for large market stalls. If you also have your commercial umbrella printed with an individual advertising imprint, you not only have an ideal shade provider, but also draw the attention of your customers to yourself and your offers from a distance. You have skilfully combined the pleasant with the useful.  

Exclusive commercial umbrellas - high quality

Our company has been dealing with sunshades and sun sails for more than 30 years. So you can be sure that you get only high quality from us, which is fully developed and tested down to the last detail. This applies not only to the metal parts, but also to our coverings. The membranes for the market umbrella 20ft were, like all other materials, developed and designed in our house. Thus this parasol is not only an eye catcher, but also creates a very special atmosphere.

Sunshade coverings for high demands

For your parasols we can offer you different textile collections. For the commercial umbrella 20ft MDT-tex 260 is excellently suitable. It is a fabric which consists of 100% polyester. In addition, the material is coated on both sides with acrylate. Nevertheless, it is a very light and hard-wearing fabric. It weighs just 260 g on 1 square metre. Since the market umbrella is very frequently used in the commercial sector, our focus is on ensuring that the material complies with various DIN standards. MDT-tex 260 has been tested according to the regulations B1 - DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 - Flat and Folded and has passed all tests with flying colours. This makes the material extremely tear-resistant and flame-retardant. MDT-tex 260 is resistant to most weather conditions and can also protect you from rain with a water column of up to 350 mm.  

The commercial umbrella 20ft as a striking highlight

Functionality and design in combination

With this commercial umbrella you acquire at the same time modern design with optimal functionality. The umbrella is designed to be both stable and lightweight, so you can transport it easily when you need it. This umbrella is not only available in the 20ft version, but also in various sizes. We attach great importance to the fact that our products not only look good, but are also equipped with excellent technology. For example, they are easy to operate and fasten. Like our coverings, the technology is mature and durable. So you will enjoy your 6m market umbrella for many years.