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Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella Ø19,5ft type T
From $6,548.00
Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T
Telescopic umbrella 19,5x19,5ft type T
From $8,367.00

Commercial umbrellas 20ft

20-Foot Deck Umbrellas

Large, 20-foot commercial umbrellas are used in many industries, including hospitality, outdoor events, schools and amusement parks. Heavy-duty 20-foot deck umbrellas are also attractive for residential gardens, patios and swimming pools. MDT-tex manufactures 20-foot deck umbrellas in three styles:

  • Cantilever, heavy-duty 20-foot deck umbrellas with the support mast on the side.
  • Market-style, design-awarded umbrellas with a central pole.
  • Our eye-catching tulip design, a graceful form of our exclusive 20-foot deck umbrellas.

Install them as individual outdoor parasols or group them to form a walkway or a large, covered expanse. By combining design features, environmental accessories and technological options, you can create unique professional umbrellas that define your style and make a statement about your brand, event or home.

Exclusive 20-Foot Deck Umbrellas

We make our 20-foot commercial umbrellas with durable, rustproof materials that withstand wind, rain and dust. We rigorous test them to ensure that they continue to perform after repeated use. You can choose from our standard designs and materials or contact us to create custom-made, heavy-duty 20-foot deck umbrellas. The frames of all our standard 20-foot commercial umbrellas are heavy-duty aluminum, including mast, struts, telescoping elements, hand-crank, crown and end pieces. Moving parts are stainless steel. The frame and hand-crank are powder-coated in a choice of white or anthracite colors. Other colors are available on request.

If you need a larger size, we custom-make professional umbrellas as large as 50 feet on a side. We build in additional strength for these larger sizes, using high-grade aluminum, stainless steel and increased thicknesses of critical components. Customized variations of our design-awarded umbrellas withstand winds up to 60 miles an hour, well-suited for windy areas such as the mountains and seaside.

The Type T telescoping sunshade is the most popular of all our 20-foot restaurant umbrellas, a classic parasol with a round central pole. Choose from round and square canopies in an array of classic colors. For an elegant, sophisticated look, our tulip parasols grace your landscape with an uplifting, organic shape. Choose round or square canopies for the tulip and Type T design-awarded umbrellas. Our cantilever professional umbrellas are an excellent choice for restaurants. The support pole is on the side, creating a completely open space under the canopy. Choose from square and rectangular shapes.

Smart Membranes for Durability and Performance

Our patented canopy fabrics are available in acrylic and several types of polyester for all our 20-foot deck umbrellas. Through our collaboration with BASF, we continue to develop and refine these materials to enhance their performance. We test for flexibility, tear-resistance, elasticity and creep. These high-performing materials are colorfast and withstand rain, UV light, dust and wind. All resist environmental pollutants, including dust and mold.

  • MDT-tex® 300 is 100% acrylic. It is lightweight and holds brilliant color exceptionally well because dyes are infused into the yarns as they are woven. Choose from ten jewel-like colors to make your 20-foot deck umbrellas stand out.
  • MDT-tex® 260 FR is 100% polyester, somewhat lighter than acrylic. The low-density polyurethane coating makes it flame-retardant and highly breathable. It weathers well at all temperatures. It is suitable for printing due to its high translucence.
  • MDT-tex 480/680 polyester has PVC coating on two sides, which creates a glossy appearance. It is flame-retardant, performs well in both cold and hot climates and repels moisture. We recommend this membrane for use on 20-foot restaurant umbrellas that will not be opened and closed often.

    Our staff can help you select a membrane appropriate that suits your needs and will work well in the environmental conditions of your area.

    State-of-the-Art Technology Paired With Superb Aesthetics

    Our 20-foot restaurant umbrellas come in colors and styles that blend with many decorative themes. Whether you want a sophisticated look for an upscale, formal restaurant or a casual look for a beach-side bistro, we can help you choose features and accessories that complement your style.

    Advanced engineering achieves both technological excellence and beauty. We build our exclusive 20-foot deck umbrellas to ensure comfort, performance and safety. Our designers refine the aesthetics of our parasols in response to client specifications. Over the years, these refinements have become standard features to improve the durability, look and comfort of our products.

    For more information about our heavy-duty 20-foot deck umbrellas, call to speak to one of our technicians.