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Commercial Umbrellas with LED

Outdoor Umbrellas With Lights

As day wanes and the sun sinks below the horizon, the atmosphere of a venue changes. Nighttime ambience creates shadows, intrigue and coziness that can be an asset to your commercial enterprise. Adding lights to outdoor parasols creates an intimate space for dining, entertainment and socializing and an opportunity to enjoy the night breezes, sounds and aromas that are part of the after-dark outdoor experience. If you operate an establishment such as a restaurant, resort, pub or hotel, your guests may enjoy continuing their activities and interactions into the evening and night.

Outdoor parasols and sunshades provide shelter and shade from the sun by day. They are used throughout the world for cultural events, art fairs, outdoor dining and rest areas. By night, transform them with lights to create an intimate setting for dining, socializing, family gatherings and other outdoor activities. With lighted canopies, the umbrellas extend usable space, augmenting buildings and other shelters that are part of your establishment. An outdoor umbrella with lights gently illuminates the area under the canopy, making nighttime shine and sparkle. MDT-tex offers a range of outdoor umbrellas that can be fitted with lights.

Patio Umbrella With Lights

We offer the option of attractive, solar-powered LED umbrella lights for each style of our commercial patio umbrellas. Choose from lightweight, telescoping parasols suitable for residential patios and gardens to industrial-grade cantilever umbrellas popular for commercial, year-round use. Add custom-colored lighting to our graceful, soaring tulip parasol to enhance the ambience of any outdoor setting.

Our solar LED patio umbrella lighting system is engineered to illuminate each parasol, enhancing the look of the colors, texture and transparency of the canopy and providing attractive lighting to the area below. Choose from warm white or cold white LED integration. The lights are discreetly attached to the underside of the struts, creating an upward glow that softly shines through the apex of the membrane of the canopy and lights up the area underneath.

Wiring is concealed, running through the sturdy mast up to the struts. The solar cells are configured in narrow strips anchored to the struts on top of the cladding. During the day, these monocrystalline silicon cells harvest energy from sunlight. Batteries are concealed in the foot of the umbrella, making them easily accessible but invisible to those enjoying the space under the canopy. The result is a sleek, unencumbered lighting system that adds style and beauty to the umbrellas.

A solar-powered patio umbrella with lights is just one of many options we offer to customize our umbrellas so that they meet your needs. Explore other optional features that can be added to our commercial parasols, including sound systems, heaters, rainwater harvesting systems, aroma infusers, Wi-Fi and misting systems. In addition, you can select from three types of exclusive canopy fabrics that we have developed. These smart membranes are used industry-wide because of their superb performance. They are tested and rated for their resistance to wind, rain, dust and UV light. Custom printing is available for these fabrics.

We work intimately with clients, including homeowners, architects, designers, event sponsors and corporate heads. If you would like special features, a unique configuration or other personalized variations from our standard designs, we can assist you. You can select a design, size, color, fabric, support materials and accessories. The result is a customized outdoor umbrella with lights that will complement your landscape, budget and aesthetics.

Space-Saving Cantilever Umbrella With Lights

Side-arm outdoor umbrellas maximize space. The support pole positioned on the side instead of in the center allows full use of the space below, eliminating the encumbrance of a central pole. A cantilever umbrella with lights adds an extra dimension of practicality for any venue. Our solar-powered umbrellas with lights are environmentally sustainable and efficient to operate.

Our cantilever umbrellas come in both square and rectangular shapes in several standard sizes ranging from 10 by 10 feet to 16 by 16 feet. Custom sizes are also available. The attractive design blends in with the landscape, offering a high-quality and sophisticated look convenient for outdoor dining, residential gardens, sheltered nooks, public events and many other applications.

We make two models of the cantilever umbrella, both with the option of LED umbrella lights. Type SAH is designed for home and light commercial use, such as small outdoor spaces, entryways or rooftops. Type SA is designed for robust commercial use where strength, exceptional resistance to environmental factors and flexibility in configuration are important. Both models incorporate the same superior features built into each of our outdoor umbrellas while maintaining excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Standard features include:

• Exceptional UV protection.

• Wind resistance between 25 and 50 miles per hour depending on the model and anchoring system.

• Maintenance-free, enclosed gearbox for raising the telescoping mast.

•Hand-crank on the mast to open and close cover.

• All major parts, including mast, hubs and spokes, made of heavy-duty aluminum.

• Several canopy colors, including neutral shades and bright tones.

• Waterproof.

•Tilt mechanism to change canopy position as the sun moves throughout the day.

• Fade-, tear- and mold-resistant.

• Special coatings to make them self-cleaning.

• Air vents for comfort and stability in windy weather.

LED lights, heaters, rain channeling and speakers can be added to these umbrellas. Precise engineering allows us to customize cantilever umbrellas to widths approximately 50 feet wide.

For Type SA, three membrane types are available, each offering coatings that enhance durability, comfort and beauty. The membrane for Type SAH is acrylic, a flexible, attractive fabric with dyes woven into the yarns, resulting in brilliant, long-lasting color. The lighting system makes these jewel-like colors glow.

Graceful Tulip Parasol With Lights

MDT-tex's exclusive tulip parasols soar into the sky with canopies that emulate the petals of a tulip. This award-winning umbrella gives a sense of freedom as the membrane reaches for the clouds. It can be configured as a single umbrella or joined with others to create a continuous flow of upraised, colorful panels. This patio umbrella is available in several styles, sizes and shapes. It is fully customizable, with options for standard LED umbrella lights, colored LED lights, a sound system, rain harvesting channels, fragrance emitters and superior windproofing.

The Type E square tulip parasol comes in standard sizes of 10 by 10, 13 by 13 and 16.5 by 16.5 feet. The round configuration, made of eight individual panels joined together to form a circle, is available in standard sizes of 13 and 16 feet. The individual panels of the canopy are joined by sterling steel hooks at the apex and secured by rustproof screws at the ends. We also manufacture a 20-foot round and 19.5 by 19.5 square storm-safe version for extra strength in high winds. Our home version of the Type E offers the same durable, attractive features in smaller sizes suitable for residential and small-scale use. On a grand scale, the tulip umbrella has been customized for clients around the world. Group several together to form a floating landscape of light, color and texture.

Because each section of the membrane is independent, it is easy to interchange canopy colors, customizing each umbrella to complement the color palette of an event or site. You can also select the membrane fabric that best suits the cultural and environmental context of your site. The toughest fabric, the MDT-tex 480/680, is a PVC-coated polyester with a sheen created by the coating. It is highly weather-resistant, suitable for year-round use. The surface coatings and weaving process make this fabric less flexible, suitable for umbrellas that will be permanently installed instead of undergoing frequent opening and closing.

Each version of the tulip umbrella glows through nighttime activities with solar-powered LED lighting. The solar-powered LED light option is one of our energy-efficient, sustainable features that we offer for all our commercial umbrellas. Ask our staff about other environmentally sustainable options to customize a tulip parasol for your needs.

Telescoping LED Patio Umbrella

The telescoping umbrella is a classic design in the leisure industry, often seen on beaches, around swimming pools, as rest kiosks in amusement parks and at sidewalk cafés. It is also popular for casual outdoor dining and picnic areas. Adding LED lighting to this versatile umbrella increases its aesthetics and functionality. Solar-powered LED lighting adds sparkle and charm to the nighttime experience. Choose from warm or cool LED lighting to create an atmosphere that enhances your event, commercial establishment or residential patio.

MDT-tex has elevated the telescopic patio umbrella design from an iconic beach symbol to a robust, versatile outdoor parasol with superior strength, precisely engineered components and a sleek, streamlined structural system. Standard sizes of these attractive patio umbrellas include 13, 16 and 19.5 feet in both round and square shapes. We can also supply custom sizes with spans up to 120 feet. Other options for this umbrella include speakers, heating and an electric opening system.

MDT-tex offers several optional energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable features for each umbrella we make. Our commitment to social responsibility and the environment is built into all our products. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, our smart textiles, lightweight materials, design innovations and dependability put us as leaders in the outdoor parasol market.

Our outdoor umbrellas with lights enhance the pleasure of spending time outdoors. Light up a dark corner, illuminate the night and enhance a dreary day with LED lighting on your garden parasol. The staff at MDT-tex will be happy to help you select a style and size that fits your needs. Browse our online catalog or call and ask for more information.