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Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
Cantilever umbrella type SAH 10x10ft
From $3,800.00
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 10 ft square
From $5,618.38
Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square
Cantilever umbrella type SA 13ft square
From $8,157.38
Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square
Cantilever parasol type SA 16,5 ft square
From $9,163.00

Patio Cantilever Parasols

Patio Cantilever Parasols

Cantilever parasols, also known as sidearm umbrellas, add convenience, value and beauty to outdoor settings. Side-pole umbrellas maximize space under the canopy because the support pole is on the side instead of the middle. The exclusive cantilever umbrellas made by MDT-tex offer standard features of superior strength, high-quality materials, precision engineering, attractive canopies made from durable, innovative fabrics and the ability to withstand wind, UV light and rain. We also offer a host of energy-efficient, attractive accessories that allow customers to tailor-make each umbrella to suit their needs.

Whether you want a patio umbrella for poolside shade at your home or need a group of commercial cantilever parasols for your business, we can help. We offer standard and custom sizes, a choice of canopy membranes and several anchoring options. Easy lift systems to raise and lower the canopy, a tilt mechanism to protect from the sun throughout the day and wind-resistant designs are just a few of the standard features on all our patio cantilever umbrellas. Our Home Collection is suitable for residences and small commercial areas such as streetside bistros or rooftop dining. Our premium cantilever umbrellas are made for commercial use, including art fairs, exhibitions, outdoor dining, walkways and leisure areas.

Residential Patio Cantilever Umbrellas

The cantilever Type SAH, part of our Home Collection, incorporates the durability, strength and aesthetics of our industrial-grade parasols into a lighter-weight, easy-to-use version. Use a single parasol as a poolside sunshade, for outdoor dining or as a shaded retreat in a garden. Group them to form an aisle or pathway with unrestricted access under the canopy.

We have added extra features, including aluminum corner caps and stainless steel bolts that protect the corners of the canopy membrane where they attach to the ends of the spokes. Extruded aluminum hubs add strength, and a simplified, durable telescoping system makes opening and closing the umbrella easy. The lightweight, acrylic MDT-tex® 300 membrane is fade-, tear- and UV-resistant. It is also water-repellent and self-cleaning. Choose from 10 vibrant colors to complement your decorative taste. The cover is easy to replace, allowing you to change cover colors to suit your needs.

These attractive, wind-resistant cantilever umbrellas measure 10 by 10 feet and withstand winds up to 25 miles per hour. The oval aluminum mast completely encases the telescoping components, protecting them from moisture, dust and other pollutants. A powder-coated aluminum hand crank attaches to the mast to raise and lower the canopy. The frame is available in either white or anthracite. We can print your company name, logo, location or event on the canopy membrane.

Accessories for our exclusive cantilever umbrellas include a choice of anchoring systems, solar-powered LED lighting and a protective sleeve for the canopy membrane when it is retracted. Other umbrellas in the Home Collection include our innovative tulip parasol and our sleek, market-style telescopic parasol that won the 2018 Red Dot Award for design innovation.

Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas

If you want a sturdy, reliable, attractive and long-lasting outdoor parasol for your office, restaurant or other commercial enterprise, have a look at our Type SA premium cantilever umbrellas. Expand usable space by adding comfortable, shaded outdoor areas with patio umbrellas. Create cozy nooks, intimate dining, walkways, exhibition areas or extensive seating areas by grouping or joining these versatile, functional parasols.

Choose from several standard sizes of square and rectangular cantilever umbrellas that will complement the scale and purpose of your venue. Square umbrellas measure 10 by 10 feet, 13 by 13 feet and 16.4 by 16.4 feet. Rectangular umbrellas measure 10 by 13 feet and 13 by 16.4 feet.

During our more than 30 years of manufacturing high-quality, commercial cantilever parasols, we have refined the design, engineering and aesthetic quality of our umbrellas. Many customized components are now incorporated into all our commercial umbrellas as standard features, including:

  • Selection of membrane coatings for superior performance.
  • Choice of polyester or acrylic membranes in an array of colors.
  • Cover made of individual segments that attach to spokes and frame with sterling steel hooks and rustproof screws.
  • Maintenance-free telescopic lift mechanism.
  • Wind resistance up to 37 miles per hour.
  • Heavy-duty mast that completely encloses telescopic components.
  • Aluminum telescope, struts, top plate and crown plate.
  • White powder-coating of frame; customized colors based on the European RAL color chart.
  • Canopy tilt feature maintains shade throughout the day as the angle of the sun changes.

Our exclusive smart membranes withstand all types of weather and are UV-resistant and colorfast. Because we manufacture them ourselves, we have complete control over color, quality and durability. We offer three standard membrane options for commercial-grade, side-pole umbrellas:

  • MDT-tex® 300, an acrylic fabric with brilliant color interwoven into the yarns, is lightweight and withstands repeated folding.
  • MDT-tex® 260 FR is 100% polyester with polyurethane coatings on two sides. It meets California flame-retardant standards, is waterproof, UV-resistant and highly flexible.
  • MDT-tex® 480/680 PVC is 100% polyester with a PVC coating on both sides that gives a high-gloss appearance. Its superior performance makes it suitable for year-round use in all types of weather. The coatings make this fabric less flexible. We recommend this option for permanent canopies.
  • Additional membrane fabrics with superior coatings can be custom-ordered.

Luxury, Innovation and Functionality

For more luxury, innovation and functionality, add accessories or customized features to create an outdoor umbrella that suits your exact needs. We can upgrade our wind-resistant cantilever umbrellas to withstand winds up to 80 miles per hour. Add solar-powered LED lighting, heaters for cool weather, speakers and guttering that routes rainwater to the ground or a storage tank. A motorized lift mechanism is also available.

We work closely with our customers, meeting precise design and engineering specifications to create aesthetically satisfying and highly functional sidearm umbrellas. For more information, browse our online catalog or contact our knowledgeable staff at our facility in Tyrone, Georgia. We ship to locations throughout the United States.